Paid content sites with Rails

If you are looking to create a content side with a paid membership component, you’re in luck — the new CMS Rails Kit has you covered. An extension to the popular Radiant Content Management System built using Ruby on Rails, the CMS Rails Kit makes it easy for you to charge users on a recurring basis for access to your content-based web site.

With this Kit you get support for multiple tiers of access, periodic billing, and user account self-signup and cancellation. The Kit hooks into the Radiant administration interface, so restricting your content to only paid members is as simple as clicking a checkbox when editing a page.

You can also set the pricing to be free, in case you don’t want to charge for your content but you do want to restrict it to only people who have registered at your site.

To get a quick start on building a membership site with paid content using Ruby on Rails, check out the CMS Rails Kit now!

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