Your Helpdesk in Rails

I announced the Helpdesk Kit on my personal blog, but I wanted to announce an update to that Kit here. Since it’s initial release, the Helpdesk Kit has had a feature added that a high-traffic sites will find especially helpful: Issues.

When an email comes in to your support alias, or when one of your customers enters a support request via your web form, a ticket is created with the user’s info and the details of their support request. If you get a lot of users submitting support requests all about the same problem (say you are running a Facebook application, you just broke something, and 100 people file tickets on it at the same time), then you may find yourself buried in a sea of tickets. If you can fix all the problems with one code update, why not be able to close all the support tickets for that problem with one update, too?

With the new issues feature of the Helpdesk Rails Kit you can. Now you can assign any number of tickets to an issue, and when you make updates to that issue, everyone who filed a ticket that is now associated with that issue get the update. Now you can fix your broken feature, deploy an update, and close all the tickets at once, letting all your effected customers know that the problem has been solved. You get to save yourself your time, and each of your customers still gets a personalized response.

If you haven’t already checked out the Helpdesk Kit, now is a great time to do it. For the price of a single user license for some other support system applications, you get an unlimited license to a Rails-based support system that you can optionally integrate directly into your existing Ruby on Rails application.