Build on the Shopify Platform

If you’re into e-commerce, like I am, you’ve probably heard of Shopify. Shopify is a fantastic hosted e-commerce solution for store owners who want to quickly put up great-looking storefronts to sell their products. In fact, I like Shopify so much, that it is the first recommendation to potential clients who come to me looking for me to build a custom storefront for them. For most people, Shopify fills the bill quite nicely, and is a much cheaper option than me. 🙂

Since I’m such a fan of Shopify, I was thrilled when Jesse Storimer approached me about releasing a Rails Kit that would help Rails developers build a Shopify application for the Shopify Platform, a platform for developers to offer apps that can extend the functionality of Shopify for store owners. Jesse proposed offering a ready-made application that shows you just how easy it is to hook into Shopify-hosted stores and use the Shopify-powered billing system. And Jesse has done a bang-up job!

Check out the newest addition to the Rails Kits family — the Shopify App Rails Kit. It’s an insanely easy way to build a SaaS application targeted at people who are already using Shopify to sell their products. You get authentication, billing, and access to your customers’ Shopify data, all throught the Shopify API, and you get help with marketing your app via the Shopify Application Store. It has never been easier to get your web app into the hands of paying customers, so try the Shopify App Rails Kit today!

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