SaaS Rails Kit Supports Stripe

I’m happy to announce that the SaaS Rails Kit now supports
[]( as a payment gateway. I love Stripe
because now you don’t have to ever see a credit card number touch your
server, and you can keep the PCI police off your back. 🙂

Instead of posting credit card details to your server, the Stripe
integration involves javascript that runs on the credit card form which
sends the credit card details directly to Stripe’s server. When your
user submits payment info, all you get in the POST is a token you can
use for future billing.

The [SaaS Kit]( has always used this stored-value method of billing so that
you didn’t have to keep the full credit card number in your database,
and now with Stripe support, you don’t even have to see the full credit
card number at all!

So, if you are looking to lower your PCI compliance responsibility while
implementing recurring billing, the [SaaS Kit]( is a great option.

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