SaaS Kit is Now Rails 5 Compatible

The Rails 5 release is good news to both experienced and amateur programmers. Some of the handiest new features are ActionCable and API mode which offer the possibility to have an API-only app or to include real-time features. This version is without a doubt the best, most complete version of Rails yet. Are you already […]

SaaS Rails Kit Supports Rails 4

It’s been a long time coming, but the [SaaS Rails Kit]( finally supports Rails 4! Deprecations have been squashed, dependencies have been updated, and the code has never been more slim and trim. 🙂 I have removed all the UI from the gem, instead depending on the RailsAdmin gem in the sample application to manage […]

SaaS Rails Kit Supports Stripe

I’m happy to announce that the SaaS Rails Kit now supports []( as a payment gateway. I love Stripe because now you don’t have to ever see a credit card number touch your server, and you can keep the PCI police off your back. 🙂 Instead of posting credit card details to your server, the […]

Easy Rails Facebook Integration

A while back I released the [Facebook Rails Kit](, which made it easy to connect to the (then-new) Graph API. Since then, I’ve done a number of projects that needed to integrate with Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and during those projects I’ve developed some code that makes it easy to interact with those APIs. As […]

Build on the Shopify Platform

If you’re into e-commerce, like I am, you’ve probably heard of Shopify. Shopify is a fantastic hosted e-commerce solution for store owners who want to quickly put up great-looking storefronts to sell their products. In fact, I like Shopify so much, that it is the first recommendation to potential clients who come to me looking […]

Your Helpdesk in Rails

I announced the Helpdesk Kit on my personal blog, but I wanted to announce an update to that Kit here. Since it’s initial release, the Helpdesk Kit has had a feature added that a high-traffic sites will find especially helpful: Issues. When an email comes in to your support alias, or when one of your […]

Build map mashups with the Map Rails Kit

I’m happy to announce the arrival of the Map Rails Kit — a full Rails application that implements the Google Maps API. Now you don’t have to worry about cobbling together various out-dated javascript examples, or even reading the Google docs for geocoding. 🙂 Now you can just take this Kit, create markers in the […]

Paid content sites with Rails

If you are looking to create a content side with a paid membership component, you’re in luck — the new CMS Rails Kit has you covered. An extension to the popular Radiant Content Management System built using Ruby on Rails, the CMS Rails Kit makes it easy for you to charge users on a recurring […]

Recurring Billing with CIM

I am delighted to announce that the SaaS Rails Kit now supports the payment gateway with their CIM offering. Supporting this gateway has been a much-requested feature, and now it is that much easier to get your new subscription-based web application up and running. Connecting to the payment gateway is as easy as […]